Case Study

Bravo, Bravecto!

Working with Bravecto I was tasked with creating a realistic CGI backyard for their virtual production. I was also responsible for replicating the real-life foreground set in 3D for the still images, and to retouch the final images following the style of the commercial.

Final commercial spot

Changing background for the virtual production set

I created four slightly different versions of the CGI backyard to be used as the background for the set on the LED wall. The images present slight changes in the amount of flowers and sizes of the lemons on the tree to show the passage of time.

The images were displayed on the LED wall behind the background of the built physical set
Behind the scenes from the set
Clay render of the background

The addition of still images and recreating the physical set

After the initial shoot was done, I was asked to recreate the physical set that was used in front of the LED wall in CGI. Thankfully, photographer and director John Keatley provided me with measurements and reference images from the day of the shoot. I then used Blender to model, texture, and light the set.

The challenge was that the lighting of the set used for motion was different from the lighting used for the still studio images that needed to be integrated into the new CGI background. I had to make sure that not only the images were believable but also reflected the style of the commercial.

Set recreated with some extra elements
Something Something


On top of the integrated 3D work, I was also responsible for regular retouching of the studio images to be used for various marketing materials. Here, the images’ final style matched the quirkiness of the commercial and the glossiness of the previous still images.

As the team lead for the project, I was responsible for the final look of the images and the consistency of the style across all the deliverables.

Still images from the studio
Clay render of the recreated whole set
Breakdown of one of the still images