Case Study

Acura MDX

I was inspired by the Angeles Crest Canyon in Los Angeles and the 2022 Acura MDX to create a series of CGI images that showcase the car in a natural environment in the style of a car commercial.

Something Something

Behind the scenes

To create an immersive environment for the car, I drove to the Angeles Crest Canyon and took photos of the environment to capture 360° HDRIs and backplates. These would be used to provide realistic lighting information, and backgrounds to be placed behind the car.

Since the foreground in the images did not offer too much in terms of interest or depth, I decided to add in some rocks and plants to make the scene more dynamic.

Something Something
HDRI’s captured at Angeles Crest Canyon

After photographing the environment, I spent a few days carefully lookdeving the most important materials in the scene, including the car paint and the tires. I managed to get a realistic look for the car paint in V-Ray, and using references from the interwebs I was able to recreate the tires’ sidewall texture in vector format.

Turntables car paint and tire sidewall
Something Something
Clay renders with the backplates
Something Something